Latest CSE Projects Titles – Python / ML/ AI/ DS/ IoT/ Cyber Security /Cloud / Deep Learning / Hadoop / Big Data / Web Development

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1Currency Recognition System Using Image ProcessingML
2Predicting Rainfall Using Machine Learning TechniquesML
3Detecting And Characterizing Extremist Reviewer Groups In Online Product ReviewsDL
4Fish Disease Detection Using Image Based Machine Learning Technique In AquacultureML
5Automatic Epilepsy Detection Using Machine Learning By Naive Bayes TechniqueML
6Online Inventory Management SystemML
7Farming Made Easy Using Machine LearningML
8Web-Based Music Genre Classification For Timeline Song Visualization And AnalysisML
9Deep Learning Based Object Detection And Recognition Framework For The Visually-ImpairedDL
10Web Based Graphical Password Authentication SystemML
11Sign Language Recognition Using CnnDL
12A Study Of Blockchain Technology In Farmer’s PortalBC
13Audio To Sign Language Translator Using PythonDL
14Coding Assessment PortalML
15Automatic Detection Of Genetic Diseases In Pediatric Age Using PupillometryML
17Prediction Of Engineering Branch Selection For Inter StudentsML
18Crop Yield Prediction Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Model For Sustainable Agrarian ApplicationsDRL
19Detecting The Movement Of Objects With WebcamDL
20Food Tech Block Chain Using PythonBC
21Object Classification Using Cnn-Based Fusion Of Vision And Lidar In Autonomous Vehicle EnvironmentDL
22Efficient Secure Data Retrieval On Cloud Using Multi-Stage Authentication And Optimized Blowfish AlgorithmML
23Detection Of Stroke Disease Using Machine
Learning Algorithms
24Employing Blockchain In AgricultureBC
25Indian Sign Language Recognition Using CnnDL
26Early Pest Detection From Crop Using Image Processing And Computational IntelligenceDL
27Crop Yield Precidtion Using Machine LearningML
28Paddy Diseases Recongzation Using Convolutional Neural NetworksDL
29Predicting The Rice Leaf Diseases Using CnnDL
30Recovery Of Image Using One Dimension Signal VectorDL
31Noise Reduction In Web Data: A Learning Approachbased On Dynamic User Interests  ML
32Crowd Counting Method Based On CnnDL
33Dcentralised Web Hosting Using Block ChainBC
34Personalized Travel Planning SystemML
35A Forest Fire Identification Method For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Monitoring Video ImagesDL
36An Efficient Fruit Identification And Ripening Detection Using Cnn AlgorithmDL
37On The Implementation Of A Secured Watermarking Mechanism Based OnDL
38Enhanced New Clustering Ant Colony Optimization Based Routing Protocol Aodv-R  NETWORKING
39An Evolutionary Intuitionistic Fuzzy K-Means Clustering Approach Based Cluster Head Selection In Manet  NETWORKING
40Tool For Easy Management Of Files And DirectoriesML
41Realized Volatility Prediction In Stock MarketML
42Comparative Study Of Machine Learning Algorithms For Fraud Detection In BlockchainBC
43Hospital Management System With ChatbotAI
44Iris Recognition Using Daugman Algorithm & AnnANN
45Suicidal Tendency DetectionML
46Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithms Based Feature Selection For Clinical Breast Cancer DiagnosisML
47Energy Efficient Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization For The Discrete Routing Problem In Wireless Sensor NetworksNETWORKING
48Image Forgery Detection Based On Fusion Of Lightweight Deep Learning ModelsDL
49Human Action Recognition From Depth Maps And Postures Using Deep LearningDL
50Video Analysis For Weapon Detection And AlertingDL
51Automatic Detection Of Diabetic Retinopathy Using CnnDL
52Optimized Stacked Ensemble Techniques In The Prediction Of Cervical Cancer Using Smote And RferfML
53Application And Evaluation Of A K-Medoids based Shape Clustering Method For An Articulated Design SpaceNETWORKING
54Local Dynamic Neighborhood Based Outlier Detection Approach And Its Framework For Large-Scale DatasetsML
55Watermarking ImagesDL
56A Forest Fire Identification Method For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Monitoring Video ImagesDL
57Image Forgery Detection Based On Fusion Of Lightweight Deep Learning ModelsDL
58Geo Tracking Of Waste And Triggering Alerts And Mapping Areas With High Waste IndexDL
59Implementation Of Blockchain In Financial Sector To Improve ScalabilityBLOCKCHAIN
60Attendance Capture System Using Face RecognitionDL
61Traffic Rules Violation Detection SystemDL
62Blockchain Based Milk Delivery Platform For Stallholder Dairy Farmers In Kenya Enforcing Transparency And Fair PaymentBLOCKCHAIN
63Blockchain Based Ecommerce Online ApplicationBLOCKCHAIN
64An Intelligent Data-Driven Model To Secure Intervehicle Communications Based On Machine LearningML
65Retina Blood Vessel Segmentation With A Convolution Neural Network (U-Net)DL
66Phishing Email Detection Using CnnDL
67Blockchain For Financial ApplicationBLOCKCHAIN
68Intelligent Agent Based Job Search SystemDJANGO
69Comparative Study Of Machine Learning Algorithms For Fraud Detection In BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN
70Predicting Stock Market Trends Using Machine Learning And Deep Learning Algorithms Via Continuous And Binary Data A Comparative AnalysisML
71Deep Learning For Smartphone-Based Malaria Parasite Detection In Thick Blood SmearsDL
72A Novel Method For Computationally Efficacious Linear And Polynomial Regression Analytics Of Big Data In MedicineML
73On The Implementation Of A Secured Watermarking Mechanism Based On Cryptography And Bit Pairs MatchingDL
74Email Spam Detection Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsML
75Efficient det: Scalable And Efficient Object DetectionDL
76Deep Cross-Modal Face Naming For People News RetrievalDL
77Plant Disease Identification And Pesticides Reformation Using CnnDL
78Traffic Sign Detection And RecognitionDL
79Web-Based Music Genre Classification Fortimeline Song Visualization And AnalysisDL
80Virtual Mouse Operation Using WebcamDL
81Stock Price Prediction Using Twitter DatasetML
82Emotion Detection Using Twitter Datasets And Spacy AlgorithmML
83Virtual Mouse Operation Using WebcamDL
84Stock Price Prediction Using Twitter DatasetML
85Emotion Detection Using Twitter Datasets And Spacy AlgorithmML
86Designing Secure And Efficient Biometric-Based Secure Access Mechanism For Cloud ServicesML
87Bsspd: A Blockchain-Based Security Sharing Scheme For Personaldata With Fine-Grained Access ControlBLOCK CHAIN
88An Enhanced Multi-Modal Biometric AuthenticationDL
89Cost Aggregation Is All You Need For Few-Shot SegmentationDL
90Water Quality Monitoring & Forecasting SystemML
91A Data Mining Based Model For Detection Of Fraudulent Behavior In Water ConsumptionML
92A Bi-Objective Hyper-Heuristic Support Vector Machines For Big Data Cyber-SecurityML
93Bag-Of-Discriminative-Words (Bodw) Representation Via Topic ModellingML
94Block Chain TechnologyBC
95Breast Cancer DetectionDL
96Characterizing And Predicting Early Reviewers For Effective Product Marketing On Ecommerce WebsitesML
97Correlated Matrix Factorization For Recommendation With Implicit FeedbackML
98A Credit Card Fraud Analysis Using Predictive ModelingML
99Customer Loan Prediction AnalysisML
100Data Driven Design Of Fog Computing Aided Process Monitoring System For Large-Scale Industrial ProcessesML
101Deep Learning Applications In Medical Image Analysis-Brain TumorDL
102Designing Cyber Insurance Policies The Role Of Pre-Screening And Security InterdependenceML
103Efficient Vertical Mining Of High Average-Utility Itemsets Based On Novel Upper-BoundsML
104Exploratory Visual Sequence Mining Based On Pattern GrowthML
105Generating Wikipedia By Summarizing Long SequencesML
106Heart Disease PredictionML
107How Data-Driven Entrepreneur Analyzes Imperfect Information For Besiness Opportunity EvaluationML
108Image Based Appraisal Of Real Estate PropertiesDL
109Modeling And Predicting Cyber Hacking BreachesML
110Multi-Trafficscence Perception Based On Supervised LearningDL
111Personalized Affective Feedback To Address Students Frustration In Intelligent Tutoring SystemML
112Predicting The Reviews Of The Restaurant Using Natural Language Processing TechniqueML
113Prediction Of Crude Oil Prices Using Svr With Grid Search Cross Validation AlgorithmML
114Price Based Resource Allocation For Edge Computing A Market Equilibrium ApproachML
115Recolored Image DetectionDL
116Rich Short Text Conversation Using Semantic Key Controlled Sequence GenerationML
117Robust Malware Detection For Iot Devices Using Deep Eigenspace LearningML
118Semi-Supervised Machine Learning Approach For Ddos DetectionML
119A Toward Better Statistical Validation Of Machine Learning-Based Multimedia Quality EstimatorsML
120User Centric Machine Learning Frameork For Cyber Security Operations CenterML
121Weakly-Supervised Deep Embedding For Product Review Sentiment AnalysisML
122Big Mart Sales Using Machine Learning With Data AnalysisML
123Fbi Crime Data Using Machine Learning With Data AnalysisML
124Human Activity Recognization Using Machine Learning With Data AnalysisML
125Data Analytics With The Iris Data Set Finding The Correlations Between The ProductsML
126Loan Prediction Dataset Using Machine Learning With Data AnalysisML
127Seer Cancer Incidence Using Machine Learning With Data AnalysisML
1285g-Smart Diabetes Toward Personalized Diabetes Diagnosis With Healthcare Big Data CloudsML
129A Deep Learning Facial Expression Recognition Based Scoring System For RestaurantsDL
130A Machine Learning Model For Average Fuelconsumption In Heavy VehiclesML
131A Survey On Optical Character Recognition SystemDL
132Bird Species Identification Using Deep LearningDL
133Cartoon Of An ImageDL
135Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Random Forest & Cart AlgorithmML
136Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Random Forest Tree Based ClassifierML
137Online Depression Detection ApplicationML
138Driver Drowsiness Monitoring System Using Visual Behaviour And Machine LearningDL
140E-Assessment Using Image Processing In ∞ExamsDL
141Automating E-Government Using AiAI
142Deepclue: Visual Interpretation Of Text-Based Deep Stock PredictionDL
143Density Based Smart Traffic Control System Usingcanny Edge Detection Algorithm For Congregatingtraffic InformationDL
144Emotion Based Music Recommendation System Using Wearable Physiological SensorsDL
145Exploring Trajectory Prediction Through Machinelearning MethodsML
146Eye Ball Cursor Movement Using OpencvDL
147Classifying Fake News Articles Using Natural Language Processing To Identify In-Article Attribution As A Supervised Learning EstimatorNLP
148Feature Extraction For Classifying Students Based On Theiracademic PerformanceML
149Filtering Instagram Hashtags Through Crowdtagging And The Hits AlgorithmDL
150Heart Disease Prediction Using Bio Inspired AlgorithmsML
151Human Activity DetectionDL
152Network Intrusion Detection Using Supervised Machine Learning Technique With Feature SelectionML
154Robust Intelligent Malware Detection Using Deep LearningML
155Securing Data With Blockchain And AiAI BC
156Sentiment Analysis Using Telugu SentiwordnetNLP
157Stock Market Trend Using KnnML
158Suspicious Activity DetectionDL
159Twiter Sentimantal AnalysisNLP
160Use Of Artificial Neural Networks To Identify FakeprofilesAI
161Vehicle Detection And Speed DetectionDL
162Video-Based Abnormal Driving Behaviourdetection Via Deep Learning FusionsDL
163Crime Rate Prediction Using K-MeansML
164Digitised And Decentralized Blockchain TechnologyBC
165Convolutional Neural Network Based Text SteganalysisDL
166Crop Yield Prediction And Efficient Use Of FertilizersML
167Eclat AlgorithmML
168Fake Images DetectionDL
169A Knowledge-Based Recommendation System That Includes Sentiment Analysis And Deep LearningML
170Link Prediction In Evolving Networks Base On Information PropagationML
171A Strategy For Near-Deduplication Web Documents Considering Both Domain &Size Of The DocumentML
172Opinion Mining For Social Networking SiteML
173Collaborative Filter Based Group Recommendation CrowdfundingML
174An Overview Of Deep Learning In Medical Imaging Focusing On MriDL
175Opinion Mining For Feedback Management SystemML
176Using Deep Learning To Predict Plant Growth And Yield In Greenhouse EnvironmentsDL
177Image Classification Using Cnn (Convolution Neural Networks) AlgorithmDL
178Cyber Threat Detection Based On Artificial Neural Networks Using Event ProfilesAI
179Opinion Mining For Social Networking SiteML
180Analysis Of Women Safety In Indian Cities Using Machine Learning On TweetsML
181Bat Deep Learning Methods On Network Intrusion Detection Using Nsl-Kdd DatasetML
182Construction Site Accident Analysis Using Text Mining And Natural Language Processing TechniquesML
183Quantifying Covid-19 Content In The Online Health Opinion War Using Machine LearningML
184Performance Comparison Of Svm ,Random Forest,And Extreme Learning Machine For Intrusion DetectionML
185Sifttags From From Real Twitter,Youtube And InstagramML
186Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Adaboost And Majority VotingML
187Rainfall Prediction Using Wavelet Neural Network AnalysisML
188Cervical Cancer Detection Using Machine LeraningML
189Cost-Sensitive Payment Card Fraud Detection Based On Dynamic Random Forest And K-Nearest NeighborsDL
190Cost Based Efficiently Allocating Resources For Edge Computing Web ApplicationML
191Detection Of Possible Illicit Messages Using Natural Language Processing And Computer Vision On Twitter And Linked WebsitesDL
192Accident Detection SystemDL
193File Carving & Local Drive OperationsML
194Supermarket Billing System Using WebcamDL
195Neural Collaborative Filtering Based Group RecommendationsDL
196A Data Mining Based Model For Detection Of Fraudulent Behaviour In Water Consumption(Standalone)ML
197Prediction Of Time-To-Event Outcomes In Diagnosing Lung Cancer Based On  Svm And Compare The Accuracy Of Predicted Outcome With Deep Cnn AlgorithmML
198Detection Of Lung Cancer From Ct Image Using Svm Classification And Compare The Survival Rate Of Patients Using 3d Convolutional Neural Network(3d Cnn)On Lung Nodules Data SetDL
199A Hybrid Model For Classification Of Lung Nodules Across Sequential And Time Variant Data  To Assist Doctors To Treat The Disease Over Svm Algorithm And Compare The Error Rate With K-Nearest NeighborsDL
200Classification Of Lung Cancer Nodules To Monitor Patients Health Using Neural Network Topology With  Svm Algorithm And Compare With Accuracy With K- Means AlgorithmDL
201Real Time Human Emotion Recognition Based On Facial Expression Detection  Using Softmax Classifier And Predict The Error Level Using Opencv LibraryDL
202Facial Expression Recognition And Their Temporal Segments From Face Profile Image Sequences Using Yolo Object Detection AlgorithmDL
203Design Of  Facial Expression Recognition System Using  Deep Learning Model Based On Human Emotions Through Classification With Cnn Algorithm  And Compare The Probability With Rnn AlgorithmDL
204Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Features Extraction Based On Spatial & Temporal Sequences Using Cnn & Rnn AlgorithmDL
205Vehicle Pattern Recognition Using Machine And Deep Learning To Predict Car ModelDL
206Machine Learning Based Approaches For Detecting Covid-19 Using Clinical Text DataML
207Performance Improvement Of Smart Survelliance Camera Using Modified Cnn TechniqueDL
208Data Poison Detection Schemes For Distributed Machine LearningML
209Research On Recognition Of Crop Disease And Insect Pests Based On Deep Learning  In Harsh EnvironmnetDL
210Detecting At-Risk Students With Early Interventions Using Machine Learning TechniquesML
211Integrated Land Management Information SystemBC
212Deep Texture Features For Robust Face Spoofing DetectionML
213Algorithm For Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning TechniquesML
214Blockchain For Secure Ehrs Sharing Of Mobile Cloud Based E-Health SystemsBC
215Enhancing Image Classification Using Svm & Compare With Neural Network For Feature Extraction Of Agricultural LandDL
216Image Classification Using Svm & Compare With Naive Bayes For Feature Extraction Of Agricultural LandDL
217Agricultural Land Image Classification Using Knn And Compare With Recurrent Neural Network For Feature ExtractionDL
218Agricultural Land Image Classification Using Regression Neural Network And Compare With Knn For Feature ExtractionDL
219Missing Child Identification System Using Deep Learning And Multiclass SvmML
220  Optimize The Storage Volume Using Data Mining TechniquesML
221Image Based Question And Answering SystemDL
222Context Based Image Processing Using Machine Learning ApproachesML
223Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning(Kmeans & Svm,Knn & Kmeans,Naive Bayes & Cnn)ML
224Music Recommendation SystemDL
225Personal Voice AssistantDL
226Behavior Analysis For Mentally Affected PeopleDL
227Detecting At-Risk Students With Early Interventions Using Machine Learning TechniquesML
228Hand Gesture Recognition Using Convolution Neural NetworksDL
229Smart Contract Based Access Control For Health Care DataML
230Sliding Window Blockchain Architecture For Internet Of ThingsBC
231Iris recognitionDL
232Sign Language Recognition To Text And Voice Using CnnDL
233Blockchain E-Voting Done Right Privacy And Transparency With Public BlockchainBC
234Weapon Detection Using Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning For Security ApplicationsDL
235Machine Learning Techniques For Cyber Attacks DetectionML
236Malware Detection Using Machine Learning & Performance EvaluationML
237Android Malware Detection Using Machine Learning TechniquesML
238Detection Of Cyber Attack In Network Using Machine Learning TechniquesML
240Alzeimers Prediction From Mri ImagesDL
241Pregbot :A System Based On Ml And Nlp For Supporting Women And Families During PregnancyAI
242Locality-Constrained Linear Coding For Image ClassificationDL
243Mamabot A System Based On Ml And Nlp For Supporting Women And Families During PregnancyAI
244Locality-Constrained Linear Coding For Image ClassificationML
245Spammer Detection And Fake User Identification On Social NetworkML
246Detection Of Fake News Through Implementation Of Data Science ApplicationDS
247Critical Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of De-Hazing Images Using Deep LearningDL
248Optimization of the Hybrid Movie Recommendation System Based on Weighted Classification and User Collaborative Filtering AlgorithmML
249Optimizing Liver disease prediction with Random Forest by various Data balancing TechniquesML
250Airfare Prices Prediction Using Machine Learning TechniquesML
251A Data Analytics Approach to the Cybercrime Underground EconomyML
252Identifying Bone Tumor using X-Ray ImagesDL
253A Two-Stage Model to Predict Surgical Patient’s Lengths of Stay From an Electronic Patient DatabaseML
254E-Library with URLS tutorial, PDF Books & VideosML
255Mitigating DDOS Attack In IOT Network EnvironmentML
256Movie Success Prediction Using Naïve Bayes, Logistic Regression and Support Vector MachineML
257Drug Recommendation System based on Sentiment Analysis of Drug Reviews using Machine LearningML
258A Model for prediction of consumer conduct using machine learning algorithmML
259Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Detection of Fake Bank CurrencyML
260A Hybrid Posture Detection Framework: Integrating Machine Learning and Deep Neural NetworksML
261Extraction of Main Urban Roads from High Resolution Satellite Images by Machine LearningML
262Fighting & Gunpoint DetectionDL
263Human Behavior Analysis Using Intelligent Big Data AnalyticsDL
264Securing Smart Sensing Production System using ML & DL AlgorithmsDS
265Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural NetworkML
266Price Negotiating Chatbot on E-commerce websiteML
267Smart Control of Traffic Light Using Artificial IntelligenceAI
268Stock Price Prediction using Twitter DatasetML
269Agriculture Helper ChatbotAI
270Alzheimer Disease Prediction using Machine Learning AlgorithmsML
271Machine Learning and End-to-end Deep Learning for the Detection of Chronic Heart Failure from Heart SoundsML
272Detecting Multi-stage Attacks using Sequence-to-Sequence ModelML
273Deep Learning of Facial Depth Maps for Obstructive Sleep Apnea PredictionDL
274Discovery and Prediction of Stock Index Pattern via Three-Stage Architecture of TICC, TPA-LSTM and Multivariate LSTM-FCNsDL
275Stock Market Analysis using Supervised Machine LearningML
276Toward Detection and Attribution of Cyber-Attacks in IoT-enabled Cyber-physical SystemsML
277Electronics Component Identification from VoiceDL
278Facial Expression from WebcamDL
279Content Based Image Retrieval using Deep LearningDL
280A Recurrent CNN for Automatic Detection and Classification of Coronary Artery Plaque and Stenosis in Coronary CT AngiographyDL
281Monkeypox Detection using Modified VGG16 & Custom CNN ModelDL
282Project Recommendation for Open Source CommunitiesML
283Detection of Supra Ventricular Arrhythmia using LSTM, BI-LSTM & GRUDL
284Automated Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia using Recurrent Neural NetworkDL
285Secure crypto-biometric system for cloud computingML
286QR Code Based Attendance SystemDL
287Social Media and Misleading Information in a Democracy A Mechanism Design ApproachML
288Smart Health Consulting Online SystemBLOCK CHAIN
289Crime Rate Prediction & Analysis using K-Means Clustering AlgorithmML
290Feature Extraction and Analysis of Natural Language Processing for Deep Learning English LanguageML

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