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IEEE Titles for EEE

B. Tech (Simulation)

1Implementation of Solar PV-Battery and Diesel Generator Based Electric Vehicle Charging Station 
2A Study on Current-fed Topology for Wireless Resonant Inductive Power Transfer Battery Charging System of Electric Vehicle 
3Modelling and Control of Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter for Electric Vehicles Applications 
4Isolated DC-DC Converter Fed DC Motor for Bidirectional Electric Vehicular Application 
5Design And Analysis Of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System By Using Different PWM Techniques For Inverter Control 
6A Review on Grid-Connected Converter Control for Short-Circuit Power Provision Under Grid Unbalanced Faults 
7Control and Implementation of a Standalone Solar Photo-Voltaic Hybrid System 
8Power Quality Improvement in Hybrid Power System using D-STATCOM 
9An ANN Based SMES Implanted Smart Grid for EV Charging Station 
10Design Of Single Phase Buck Power Factor Correction Circuit And Controller Applied In Electric Vehicle Charging System 
11Power quality enhancement in solar power with grid connected system using UPQC 
12Cascaded Multilevel PV Inverter with Improved Harmonic Performance During Power Imbalance Between Power Cells and reduced the switches 
13Voltage and current profile improvement of a PV-integrated grid system employing sinusoidal current control strategy based unified power quality conditioner 
14Improvement of Power Quality Using a Robust Hybrid Series Active Power Filter 
15Three-phase battery storage system with transformer less cascaded multilevel inverter for distribution grid applications 
16Switched Inductor Quazi Switched boost Converter for Nano – Grid Applications 
17High-performance unified power quality conditioner using non-linear sliding mode and new switching dynamics control strategy 
18A Highly Efficient and Reliable Inverter Configuration Based Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for PV Systems 
19A Novel Structure for Single-Switch Nonisolated Transformer less Buck–Boost DC–DC Converter 
20Control and Experiment of AC/AC Sparse Modular Multilevel Converter 
21A Novel Ten-Switch Topology for Unified Power Quality Conditioner 
22A PWM Plus Phase-Shift Controlled Interleaved Isolated Boost Converter Based on Semi active Quadrupler Rectifier for High Step-Up Applications 
23An Islanding Detection Method for Inverter-Based Distributed Generators Based on the Reactive Power Disturbance 
24Impact of Switching Harmonics on Capacitor Cells Balancing in Phase-Shifted PWM-Based Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM 
25PD-PWM Based Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems 
26Control of Ripple Eliminators to Improve the Power Quality of DC Systems and Reduce the Usage of Electrolytic Capacitors 
27Design and Analysis of Bi-directional DC-DC Driver for Electric Vehicles 
28Fast DC-Type Electric Vehicle Charger Based On A Quasi-Direct Boost – Buck Rectifier 
29Four Quadrant Operation and Control of Three Phase BLDC Motor for Electric Vehicles 
30Modeling and Control of a Multiport Converter based EV Charging Station with PV and Battery 
31THD Reduction in Performance of Multi-Level Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive 
32Power Quality Improvement in Solar Fed Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Output Voltage Regulation Techniques 
33A New Single-Phase Switched-Coupled-Inductor DC-AC Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems 
34A Three-Level LC-Switching-Based Voltage Boost NPC Inverter 
35A Novel Design of Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles 
36Cascade Control Strategy on Servo Pneumatic System with Fuzzy Self-Adaptive System 
37High-Performance Constant Power Generation in Grid-Connected PV Systems 
38Simulation and Control of Solar Wind Hybrid Renewable Power System 
39CSI7: A Modified Three-Phase Current-Source Inverter for Modular Photovoltaic Applications 
40A New-Coupled-Inductor Circuit Breaker for DC Applications 
41A Two Stage AC-DC Converter for Speed Control of a DC Motor 
42Intelligent grid interfaced solar water pumping system 
43Investigation of the Dynamic Stability of Micro grid 
44Power-Electronics-Based Energy Management System With Storage 
45Control of Reduced-Rating Dynamic Voltage Restorer With a Battery Energy Storage System 
46A Single-Phase Voltage Controlled Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Power Quality Conditioner Functionality 
EEE Matlab Simulink Projects in Hyderabad 8886661866
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